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Call Straight Line Painting before you decide to spend more money than you need to. Many times home owners are led to believe they need to re stucco their entire home. More often than not all you need are a few stucco repairs and the correct exterior coating to save you tons of money and time. Straight Line Painting will restore your home's exterior stucco finish. We can make your exterior finish look better than when it was first installed. Our restoration process begins with power washing the exterior walls, repairing the stucco and applying a fresh coat of exterior acrylic or elastomeric paint and also repairing the home's exterior trim, fascia, eaves. Usually this is all that's needed to restore your home's exterior to make it look better than when it was first finished.

Why does Stucco get Damaged?

Moisture coming up from the ground is absorbed by the stucco and causes the stucco to deteriorate. Efflorescence a white crystalline deposit, caused by a ph imbalance between the chemical composition of the water versus that of the stucco, efflorescence will appear on the wall at the highest advance of water.

Efflorescence is a prevalent problem in Albuquerque. Improper mixing of the brown coat will cause stucco to effloresce and crack. Water always drains away from a structure and not settle against it.

Water related, stucco problems caused by leaking water spigots, lack of rain gutters, and improper grading. When doing stucco and stucco repair check the stucco lathing paper for holes and tears. Repaper and refloat as needed and seal all cracks in the stucco and brown coat. Check for adequate rain gutters and down spouts to avoid allowing water to settle at the foundation. Install drains around the foundation to remove water if needed.

Stucco cracking can be caused by structural movement. Vibration caused by street traffic can cause stucco walls to crack and if the vapor barrier is improperly installed or penetrated or the brown coat in not properly mixed or if it is over floated, stucco damage will result. Insulated homes with improper venting, can cause condensation in the walls. The moisture will then move through the walls and deteriorate the stucco.

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